En route to our photographic edification by the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, we stopped by a Mel’s Diner. Mel’s is interesting because well, it’s a diner, and well, it’s a diner. Well, it’s a traditional, true diner–they’ve got jukeboxes. Yes, interesting. Anyway, the food is so-so though. I don’t want to see absolutely terrible, of course, but just not spectacular. Well, it’s a diner, after all, not a starred restaurant, but still, I wanted home-y “American” food.

And so that’s what we ordered. (We as in, Vivian and Katherine. We split meals, so half the cost, and half the calories! Just kidding.) How much more American can you get: beef hash and banana split? Apple pie is more American, but that was ordered at the table already. So we chose a traditional “banana split.” We both grow up in hash-less and banana split-less households.

Katherine’s Opinion:

Not fantabulous. I was sorely disappointed in the way overpriced $7 (though there was large quantity with four scoops of icy-textured [ugh] ice cream) banana split. The apple pie perhaps would have been a better choice, but the banana split, topped with all that whipped cream–eww! I harbor a deep distaste–detest, actually–whipped cream, and when put in such amounts over an already way-too-sweet dessert, it transforms a disappointed lip pursing to a pout. (It was a grand sight though!) We have pictures…

Acceptable food before a ski trip, but not otherwise.

…which were brought to you by a bunch of people with cameras, looking like tourists in their own cities, and appeared extremely weird because they were taking pictures of their served food. Meanwhile, the beef hash was not half bad, but it was not good, but it was acceptable diner food. Certainly, diners are not four-star restaurants, so you cannot demand much either, but I really wanted a “home”-y feel. This “home”-y feel was lacking, I suppose. Cooking seemed forced, without extra thought to the customer’s palate. Katherine, it’s a diner! you might argue. Anyway, we ate beef hash for dinner, followed by a hopefully really amazing dessert, the banana split. Disappointing!! I still took pictures though…

Just looking at the whipped cream disgusts me.

…again, coming after disregarding being glanced at weirdly. For duty! The ice cream is too icy, not enough bananas in my opinion, WAY TOO MUCH WHIPPED CREAM, and I agree with Vivian in that I don’t like fake cherries. Overall disappointment.

However, one of our friends ordered apple pie…


This is the ultimate American tradition, and it is looking good.



and the crust looks delicious! And so do the apples! Mmmmm…

And finally, when we first entered the store, here is what we saw:

And we’ll wait for Vivian’s input!



New Food Blogger

October 3, 2010

Hi!! I’m Kate! My sister Vivian added me to this blog to show the world a different perspective on food – the perspective of a middle-schooler. I’m an 11-year-old blogging newbie with lots of opinions on food (especially school lunch food). i like food. More to come later!

Corn Obsession

October 3, 2010

Hello, my first official post about food…kind of.
Lately, corn has been appearing quite frequently in my life. Corn was never really a prominent part of my life until about a month ago. Twice a week, I am served corn on the cob on a chopstick (the Chinese way) while doing homework (so nice!).



But that’s not what I want to talk about. See, today (and this may seem totally unrelated but it is on the subject of corn), I came upon an amazing discovery – chihuahuas LOVE corn. Who knew? It’s true, most dogs love food, but the way my Chihuahua attacked my (already finished) corn on the cob today was astonishing because it was so strikingly, extraordinarily dog-like (or pig-like). Even after 15 minutes of voraciously chewing the already-finished corn, he still hadn’t had enough and begged for more. He learned to grab on to the cob with his little paws so I wouldn’t be able to take away his new love. Does this make him an omnivore? 

silly dog, voraciously attacking corn.

1. jump

2. hold/grab
3. lick/taste


4. nom nom nom

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