Corn Obsession

October 3, 2010

Hello, my first official post about food…kind of.
Lately, corn has been appearing quite frequently in my life. Corn was never really a prominent part of my life until about a month ago. Twice a week, I am served corn on the cob on a chopstick (the Chinese way) while doing homework (so nice!).



But that’s not what I want to talk about. See, today (and this may seem totally unrelated but it is on the subject of corn), I came upon an amazing discovery – chihuahuas LOVE corn. Who knew? It’s true, most dogs love food, but the way my Chihuahua attacked my (already finished) corn on the cob today was astonishing because it was so strikingly, extraordinarily dog-like (or pig-like). Even after 15 minutes of voraciously chewing the already-finished corn, he still hadn’t had enough and begged for more. He learned to grab on to the cob with his little paws so I wouldn’t be able to take away his new love. Does this make him an omnivore? 

silly dog, voraciously attacking corn.

1. jump

2. hold/grab
3. lick/taste


4. nom nom nom

Posted by Vivian!

(Katherine imported it hence the wrong author name.)


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