We’re two best friends named Katherine and Vivian who share a passion for food.  Simple enough story. However, we’re in high school.  (That is also where the name comes from–Katherine read All Quiet on the Western Front sophomore year of high school. We were looking around Katherine’s room for inspiration in naming the blog when Katherine glanced at her bookshelf. Vivian happily obliged, and you here have the happy blog you now wield.)

Faced with problems like obesity, (bad) education, (bad) economy, and just overall bad food (cafeteria?), each meal is a battle for good food. What is good food? Healthy (okay, maybe not always “healthy,” as butter is generally not considered so; but generally, yes) foods that are delicious, appetizing, and amazing, may be considered “good” foods. And to discover these “good” foods, we’ll go out and eat, we’ll prepare our own foods, we’ll bake our own foods, and we’ll cook our own foods. And perhaps share them with others in the process.

We want to prove that we are not helpless, young dependents in this cruel, existential world. Yes, it is true that nobody cares if we eat disgusting food, but we hold our passion of food as a beacon in this dark, cold universe. (Maybe that was a tad dramatic.)

We shall post pictures of food that we eat, provide critiques, try to share our baking/cooking endeavors, share our restaurant experiences, and battle bad (school) lunch food.

Bon apetit!

(Yes, there’s an accent aigu on the e We shall be conversing in broken, American-brutalized French in addition to English. Speaking of French, the picture of madeleines was photographed by Katherine!)


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